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Chandler Arizona Serving Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Via CCS POS

What it Means To #BEORANGE at Orange Leaf in Chandler, Arizona

Located in Chandler, Arizona is Orange Leaf Self Serve Frozen Yogurt. With a strong brand identity, this yogurt chain has created the hashtag #BEORANGE which represents being more than just a froyo goer. According to their website, being orange is about standing out and being original - to let your creativity shine through by indulging in your own froyo creation that is as unique as you. Considering this, it’s no surprise that they chose an orange unicorn to be their mascot. They also have be introducing cups with artwork of aspiring artists. If you’d like to see just how out-of-box the orange unicorn is, check out Orange Leaf’s website for his backstory. You’ll be sure to be entertained.

Managing & Taking Inventory of Self Serve Yogurt by Weight Using CCS POS

Orange Leaf Chandler utilizes two POS systems with integrated scales and LCD customer displays. The scales are NTEP approved. Because they are integrated, the POS will calculate the price of the yogurt that is on the scale. But before the total is given to the customers, the cashier will select the cup sizes and their amount on the scale so that the POS tares the weight off and only charges customer for the actual weight of the yogurt. CCS uses an inventory tally to track inventory of toppings, fruit, wet and dry items. This is done to accommodate the fact that when selling by the ounce, you can not determine the amount of toppings and yogurt used in the sale. This method is the only inventory system for frozen yogurt.

CCS Allows Froyo Shops to Run Promotions As Creative As They Are

Frozen yogurt shops such as Orange Leaf are always coming us with creative ways to draw in more business for their shops. CCS organizes this both efficiently and securely. Some of the different discount methods that can be used in CCS are Item Percentage, Order Percentage, Quantity Off, Cash Off and Happy Hour Pricing. Tiered pricing may also be implemented to encourage people to invite their friends out for frozen yogurt. Essentially tiered pricing is giving customers a higher discount for the greater amount that they purchase. For example: Tier 1: 1oz. - 8oz. = 49 cents; Tier 2: 8.1 oz. - 16oz. = 47 cents; Tier 3: 16.1 oz. - 36 oz. = 43 cents.

Beyond Frozen Yogurt: The Best Tool For Running a Successful Business

A Point of Sale System is the critical point where a business receives payment from the customers for goods. By having an advanced solution such as CCS will allow that moment to be the best experience for your customers. This can be done by touch displays, NFC/chip payments, loyalty programs (which dedicates the customer points earned for store credit) and much more. All systems include employee time clock, payroll, reporting and reconciling. Additional integrations such as barcode scanners, surveillance systems, QuickBooks integration and much more are available as well. To review these features with a consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.