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Dispensaries in Los Angeles using Point of Sale.

Grace Medical Marijuana Pharmacy Raises the Bar of Compassionate Care

Located in Los Angeles, CA is Grace Medical Marijuana Pharmacy. This dispensary operates with both compassion and legal integrity; ensuring that qualified patients may purchase quality medication in both a safe and legal environment. Grace has three tiers of product to choose from. Like may locations, their lowest gram is $7 while their premium is $30. Their facility is spacious enough to handle a large influx of customers. With two patient check in stations, they can check in their patients quickly. Patients are able to browse their gift shop area and purchase those products before going to the budroom.

Once in the budroom, they use scales for weighing fresh products in front of the patient. This way the patient knows exactly they’re getting what they see on the shelves. They stock only fresh product, so not all 60 strains are always available. As the strains age, they lower them in the price tier brackets.

Outgrowing their POS System & Prioritizing their Needs for a New One

With so much inventory being moved daily, they needed something designed for the industry. For example, with each budtending station checking for inventory, a POS with inventory location tracking might be more effective. Considering the amount transactions being fulfilled, replenishing bud stations, counting cash and cash drawer deposits throughout the day - it soon became clear that they needed a solution that was both well designed and high level. Since they had retail in the front and budtending sales in a separate area, they needed a POS that could accommodate this setup. They required a system that could be flexible in pricing and discount procedures. Not to mention they wanted to implement a rewards program. And finally, they desired the ability to receive orders online, using an integration with an online store.

Finding a their Perfect Match: CCS POS Dispensary Tablet Solution

By creating a list of their needs and desires, they were able to compare these things with various POS companies. When they found Cafe Cartel, they found a dispensary solution that could accommodate their needs for inventory location tracking, loyalty programs, intuitive pricing and discounting, as well as online website integration. Because of their high volume in the bud tending room, they ordered POSX tablet computers with embedded printers. This lowers the footprint of a system that also needed label printers and scales attached.

With their attached label printers, they became able to barcode each item, including the jars so they can scan items. They also use buttons that may be selected as well. CCS software produces labels and barcode labels that they can affix to all of their items that vendors do not provide labels for. For their server station, they opted to purchase their own computer and purchase a CCS license for it. They also added an additional station in their gift shop/retail area. All of these changes harmonized their operations so they could function both smoothly and effectively.

Checking in Patients with their CCS POS Intake Station

When they initially began looking for a new POS, other concerns became apparent which Cafe Cartel was easily able to accommodate. With 25,000 people in their system, patient check in and verification efficiency was essential. Previously they were using an Access Database for check in, however CCS was able to perform this with greater speed. By using a 2D barcode scanner, it reads the driver's license information and populates the patient info. It may also be used to look up people again. Their old system didn't do “google style” searching. So they previously had to find patients by full name. With CCS, when someone’s card isn’t readable, or they don’t have a traditional driver's license or identification, staff can quickly look up people with a partial name search.

Looking for the right for Medical/Retail Dispensary or Collective?

Since 2007, CCS has been providing POS systems to dispensaries in California - before eventually branching out to other states and Canada. This solution is designed specifically around the needs of the industry and is updated as regulations for operations continue to develop. This secure solution locks down from raids, prevents tampering and exposure to hackers. To review your dispensaries needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099.