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Whats new in Self Serve frozen yogurt?

self serve frozen yogurt

What's new in Frozen Yogurt? Doing things better.

Located in McMurray, Pennsylvania is Cowtastic Frozen Yogurt. They offer 100% nonfat or low-fat and cholesterol-free frozen yogurt. Froyo shops are notably popular because of their considered health benefits, such as maintaining a healthy gut balance and boosting your immune system. Flavors may range from traditional tart, to espresso, mango, birthday cake and even pistachio. By continually rotating their flavor selection and by offering over 40 different types of toppings, Cowtastic is certainly a guilt-free alternative for those with a hankering for something sweet.

A Look at Cowtastic’s CCS POS Operations: ”Weigh, Pay & Enjoy Your Day”

As with traditional self serve frozen yogurt shops, Cowtastic’s customers first choose the size of their cup, froyo flavor, add the desired toppings and then take their creation to the cashier to be weighed. By utilizing the CCS POS system, the cashier selects the size and amount of the cups on the scale. Since the scale is integrated with the POS, the computer will read the weight from the scale and calculate the price. The cup’s weight is tared from the order so that the customer isn't being charged for the cups. From the LCD customer display, the customer will be able to see the order’s detail, including their loyalty points earned and any specials Cowtastic wishes to have advertised.

This All-in-One integrated solution, minimizes human error and prevents employee tampering to ensure that orders are charged and priced out correctly. Scales are also NTEP approved. Additionally, CCS also includes free loyalty and reward programs for their users. During an order, the cashier can easily assign the order to a customer by swiping their loyalty card or looking them up by phone number or email. CCS then tallies the loyalty points or “buy x, get x free” amounts. This is yet another example where the system proves more secure than, let’s say, a punch card method. Managers are also capable of remotely logging into the system while working off site or implementing a Blind Close function for the cashiers.

Point of Sale Features and Integrations for Every Frozen Yogurt Shop

Cafe Cartel Systems has been providing Point of Sale systems to the frozen yogurt industry since 2004. CCS systems come complete with labor scheduling, employee time clock, payroll, reporting, reconciling and much more. Additional integrations include, website integration, EMV/NFC payment methods, touch screen customer displays, barcode scanners, fingerprint readers and coin dispensers, to name a few. CCS has hardware solutions for every style and price point. Their technical support has helped install thousands of systems worldwide, from small shops to large froyo chains. To review your frozen yogurt shop’s needs with a consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.