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Choosing a POS for your School Concession Stand - Mobile and Easy

Business Teacher Chooses Cafe Cartel POS for School Concessions

Concession POS

Located in Montana, is Hardin High School. This school creates equal opportunities for learning for all students and fosters an environment that nurtures, challenges and guides students. They believe that learning is a lifelong process in which students should think both creatively and critically. In late 2016, Hardin required a Point of Sale System for their concessions stand that’s used for various school events and activities. The agent selected on behalf of Hardin to find a POS, was the teacher of Business. After demoing a series of POS software from various providers, Hardin came to Cafe Cartel - who specializes in concessions POS. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Cafe Cartel’s solution proved superior to other alternatives.

Point of Sale Tablet Setup and Inventory Reconciliation

Hardin purchased the Altera 3800 Tablet with LCD customer display and barcode scanner. The embedded printer in the base of tablet, not only saves space but is a clean and modern design. With CCS reconciling feature, Hardin is able to create a time period that they wish to reconcile their inventory. After creating this period they can scan in items. They can choose to reconcile by department as well. After scanning in inventory, the count is updated and CCS creates a report that will show any discrepancies. This saved report is now a snapshot of their inventory.

From Menu Layout, to Reporting: The Most User Friendly Concessions POS

Another reason for the selection of CCS, was it’s user-friendly interface and intuitive processes. Items can be selected from menu buttons or by scanning in via the barcode scanner. From the side of the menu layout is a column of categories. After selecting, let’s say, the category “drinks”, Hardin can then choose the type of drink and size if applicable. Inventory levels are updated in real time, which means cashier can see a current inventory count on the menu buttons. Reporting may also be viewed during their shift if they desire to monitor them periodically. However, once the balance sheet is completed and the shift is closed, the sales reports are automatically emailed out to supervisors.

Choosing a System Based Around Your Business Needs and Goals

All CCS systems come with employee time clock, labor scheduling, reconciling, reporting, portion control and much more. Whether you're looking for a traditional POS or something more modern, Cafe Cartel offers solutions at every price point and will work with your goals to get the solution that bests suits you. Since 2004, CCS has installed thousands of Point of Sale System’s around the world. Whether you're a school, hospital, stadium, small business or large chain, CCS is committed to providing a solution that will help your business succeed. To review your priorities with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.