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Chinese Point of Sale Systems in Austin Texas for Restaurants

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3 Woks Down Texas Chooses CCS Point of Sale for their Chinese Requirements

David reached out to CCS for a point of sale solution to replace their existing system. They had seen the youtube videos. They wanted a demo. After trying the online demo, they decided to move foward.

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Scope of work:

David was using POSnation.com for a point of sale system. But it would not print out Chinese characters. it was also not easy for their staff to use. Additionally they needed a system to use Netepay with a Vx805 pin pad by Verifone. The staff does not read or speak English, so they needed something that would be use icons or Chinese characters for the staff to read. They wanted more than 'numbers' as the item identifier on an order.

Another requirement was a quick switch over. They had existing equipment, including an Epson TM 220 printer, touch screen Dell computer with Windows 7. They wanted their system up in just a couple of days, to replace their existing one.

Fortunately their manager knew point of sale, and the requirements for setup. With very little effort he got things up and running. Because CCS includes 3 hours training with their software purchases, the owner was able to get things up and running with exactly the price he was quoted for. No additional costs were required, no ongoing fees, no subscription plans. His system was 795.00 in total.

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