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Another Successful Store Opening! - Hut No.8 in Oceanside California


We just love to see one of our clients opening their new store! Congratulations to Hut No.8 on successfully opening you new location in Oceanside California!


A little history on CCS’s relationship with Hut No 8


Hut No 8 is a clothing exchange store, they have Franchises all over the U.S. and this is their second in California. Thank goodness they have traveled to the west coast and brought fabulous fashion with them! They started in Florida with a simple mission, to have a clothing store that embodies the idea of “constantly reliv(ing) great times, music and friends,” also known has a hip and fashionable clothing exchange store. Hut No. 8 has all the great brands you are looking for at a more than affordable price. Click here for more on Hut no. 8.


When they started their store in 2007 and began expanding they had to find the right point of sale that could meet all the complex needs of the clothing exchange industry. Enter Cafe Cartel, the leader in creating and modifying point of sale software for niche markets. Retail and it’s constantly changing inventory is a big job in itself, now apply the methods of clothing exchange which can take a higher amount of manpower and consideration. CCS worked closely with Hut no. 8 to provide a solution that would streamline their inventory operation and get them set up, trained and on their way to success. And look at them now they are on their 21st store with 13 on their way. Talk about expansion, Hut no.8 doesn’t mess around!


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