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Alex's Discount Liquors Expands Their Liquor Store when using CCS

Alex's Discount Liquors Expands Their Liquor Store when using CCS

Alex’s Discount Liquor is located in Brooklyn NY and have been booming with business. They are known for their quality selection, great customer service and amazingly low prices. Some folks may have seen the for rent sign back in September and got worried their favorite place to buy booze was leaving the neighborhood. But, to the contrary they are just moving to a bigger location down the street.

img src="http://www.orble.com/im/008/04/alexs-discount-liquor-liquor-store-pos-point-of-sa.jpg">

They are growing so fast they have had to move into the old Dolphin Gym location, an estimated 7000 sq ft facility. They have had to add 3 more check out terminals to the 2 they already have putting them at 5 terminals. lex’s Discount Liquor uses Cafe Cartel Systems for all of their point of sale software needs. This solution allows them to expand and add on terminals with ease. Alex’s Discount Liquor is very happy with the customer service and support they receive from the Cafe Cartel team. They especially enjoy the many Integrations


* Include a 10,000 item System Database
* Keep track of Inventory and Stock
* Efficiently keep records of Sales and Purchases.
* Include a Barcode and Label Printer
* Lottery Reports for Sales and Pay-Out Reimbursement
* Age Verification via Driver’s License swipe
* 70 different kinds of Sales Reports
* A 6000 recipe search tool for drinks
* Import existing inventory from old systems

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