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OC Kosher Market- Grocery Store Point of Sale Testimonial

We told you a little bit about OC Kosher Market’s POS makeover with Cafe Cartel earlier this year. We were able to visit OC Kosher Market earlier this month to get a follow-up on how they are adjusting to the new system, how their POS System helped them streamline their grocery store, and got a peek at what goes into a full inventory overhaul come passover.


OC Kosher market is a kosher and ethnic foods market located in beautiful Orange County, California. It’s almost Passover, or Pesach, for OC Kosher and you can tell with the newly stocked shelves, and freezers encouragingly labeled as “Kosher for Passover” and a smaller freezer section labeled as “Not-Kosher.”


Ten years ago OC Kosher was a small market that had been in need of a make-over. About five years ago, Clive bought OC Kosher and transformed it into a pristine gourmet kosher market with full meats, deli, catering and retail operations.


 I had the opportunity to speak with Clive during a busy Passover season and got the story about how OC Kosher Market made over their store, streamlined operations and increased sales.


OC Kosher Expands With Grocery Point of Sale

Clive had the common limitations that come with running all operations on cash registers. During the grocery renovations Clive noted that with cash registers they were doing the same work 3 times;


“You’re going to the deli counter, making up and order, bringing it to the front, writing down the order, actually making the order, coming back to the front to ring up the order. You’re doing the same work three times.”



And with the expansion of the catering, deli and butchery departments they needed a better solution.

oc kosher 2.jpg


Now OC Kosher Market has installed seven terminals into their market that have streamlined the ordering process and made it easier to take and manage catering orders.  


How has Cafe Cartel’s Grocery POS changed the ordering process now?


“Now, we only have to do the process once. We take an order in the meat department, and make it up in the customer’s name.” The customer can then do their shopping throughout the market, and when “the customer gets up to the front we pull up his name, swipe the card, and they’re out the door.”

It really “Speeds [things] up through the registers.”


What Made You Choose Cafe Cartel?


“We looked at various systems the problem was that we needed a system that could do take-out, butchery and retail. There aren’t very many systems out there that can do all three.”  But with Cafe Cartel, “You get the benefit of knowing you’re working with a small company and you have Mark there to help you. It makes it easy to customize it for your business.”


Inventory Management During Passover

unnamed (5).jpg

In the weeks leading up to passover, OC Kosher faces the task of switching the entire store’s inventory to exclusively kosher items.


“For passover all the inventory that we normally have goes out the store. All new inventory comes in for Passover. So that’s a problem because you could have the same product, not for Passover but packaged the same and then another package coming in for Passover. And on the shelf they look like the same product. But the barcodes are different.”


It’s a complicated process, but with Cafe Cartel’s inventory management, OC Kosher Market was able to switch out their inventory and are ready for the switch back after Passover.


Would you recommend Cafe Cartel’s Point of Sale to other business owners?


“Yeah! The retail side and the take-out is superb.”



Once Passover is over Clive intends to expand OC Kosher’s supermarket operations by adapting more of Cafe Cartel’s grocery store pos features.  

One of the best things about our job is learning how our system is helping to grow local businesses and seeing it in action.


Thanks for having us over, OC Kosher Market!

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