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Case Study: Emergency Room switches from Microsoft RMS to CCS POS

The Situation:

Emergency Room is a small but high volume convenience store located in Downtown San Diego. They are situated amongst many restaurants and clubs and receive quite a bit of traffic during conventions like COMIC CON. They were using Microsoft RMS. This POS software solution was provided through Microsoft channel providers as a solution for their retail space.For single store use it was fairly robust, but had some drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks was the limited ability for the resellers to have a direct influence on the growth of the application. (Updated info: At this point (2015 RMS Support is over. EMV is out and so anyone now using RMS won’t be able to support EMV).

Reasons for Emergency Room Changing:

The Emergency Room requested a switch prior to the end of RMS support. Their need for a change was based on the following considerations:

  • Required more Robust Mix and Match
  • Rewards Program for Customers
  • Required better Service Support from Vendor
  • Wanted more Rewards Programs
  • Wanted additional Purchase Order Options for better ordering.
  • Mix & Match:
  • They needed to be more flexible with their mix and match. As you know mix and match can apply in several results for discounts.
  • Discounts can be applied when items are added up in one order, say “buy 2 for 5 dollars” or “buy 3 for the price of 2.”, “Buy 2 get 1 dollar off”
  • There are also the accrual type of mix and match - buy 10 cups of coffee, get one free. They would use this style with cigarettes.

Loss of Revenue:

They were running into issues, because of the mix and matches with cigarettes during peak times, such as weekends. They didn’t want these options to be offered then. The reason being, this was when non-regulars would show up in the evenings. These people were usually coming or going to clubs and were willing to purchase at higher prices. Selling 20-30 packs per night at a $1.50 less than they could, was adding up to be quite a bit month after month.
A simple equation can represent the loss in sales they were experiencing:
20 X 1.50 * 3 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) * 4 (weeks) = $360.00 in additional sales per month.

Customer Loyalty:

One of the big things they ran into during normal hours was regulars who would compare prices of cigarettes. Cigarettes were really a way for them to bring in customers who buy other products, soft drinks, snacks etc. By being able to have a good VIP program that would work with the mix and match, they also wanted to make sure that the prices were properly reduced for regulars while still being able to appropriately provide mix and match pricing to all customers.

Vendor Support:

Because they were working with a third party company that didn’t have any influence over the software provider, the vendor was limited in supporting them. In addition they had some unsavory events happen. Additionally, RMS lacked in purchase order and ordering support. Emergency Room had some needs for reporting trending of ordering and cost analysis for their purchase orders that RMS did not support.


Emergency Room contacted CCS regarding their need for a POS. Emergency Room chose CCS for several reasons. Initially, we did not support all of the features they first required. So we added to our mix and match capabilities. We modified some of the Purchase Order Options. We had better Rewards solutions for them than the RMS Solution. Also, we simply could make changes to the solution where Microsoft's interest was in using their Brand to push the solution. Ultimately providing a “Brand” solution didn’t work as Microsoft has moved out of the POS Space.

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