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East Coast Vapor Chooses CCS over Quickbooks Point of Sale for New Store

East Coast Vapor Chooses CCS over Quickbooks Point of Sale for New Store

Everyone has a back story - quiting the Smokers Lifestyle.

Joshua Sanders opened East Coast Vapors in 2012. After 15 years of smoking, his wife convinced him to try e-cigarettes. Within 8 months his sense of smell and taste came back. He was thrilled that he could finally play with his 3 year old child without being winded. Essentially, East Coast Vapors doesn’t just sell vape products, they use them; making them passionate experts in the Pennsylvania area.

When you don't know, you just make a choice.

With their first location, they chose QuickBooks Point of Sale for their Sales and Inventory System. This was mostly because it's well-recognized brand. It had drawbacks: Managing inventory was not possible with the software. This is because of the number of items they had that were not barcoded. QuickBooks had no solution for managing the combination of items using their purchase order methods. When it came time to open a second store, they desired a solution which could actually work in this industry.

With knowledge comes wisdom, choosing the right POS

With their second store they again were looking to purchase a system. But Quickbooks they knew would not fit their list of needs. They looked online for the solution. They came across a series of videos detailing the difficulties that many e-cig/vape stores have when managing inventory, keeping track of sales and making purchasing decisions when working with Point of Sale & Inventory Software Solutions.

The first and most obvious detail was the concept of sales in the e-cig/vape business model. Most locations buy both juices, mods, and other parts for their customers that don’t include barcodes. This was obvious to them since they had experienced it. They had not however, experienced how easy the solution would be with proper analysis and implementation done by a software company that actually understood their model!

To find out what they found out, we have a section of analysis in our news area.

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