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Canna Clinic Adopts Santa Cruz uses Cafe Cartel’s POS System

Canna Clinic Adopts uses Cafe Cartel’s POS System

Canna Clinic is a local medical marijuana dispensary located in the heart of Vancouver in British Columbia Canada. Canna Clinic offers qualified members a dispensary where they can receive safe, easy, and quick access to cannabis medicine, while also being educated on the therapeutic effects of marijuana.

To achieve that goal Canna Clinic employs an in-house scientist with membership to the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. This science based approach ensures Canna Clinic provides the best possible care and education for their members; while simultaneously ensuring their access to superior quality therapeutic cannabis that is best suited to each member’s specific condition.

Since 2011 Canna Clinic has expanded from one location to four full service dispensaries and with this expansion came the need for point of sale solutions. One of the issues that plagued Canna Clinic was an unbalanced cash register. At the end of a shift, a cash drawer that is under speaks for itself. There was a counting error, or there may have been a case of employee theft. However, consistent overages in the cash drawer is also cause for concern.

The cause could be that one of your budtenders is failing to ring up purchases and pocketing the cash at the end of the day.

Cafe Cartel was then able to evaluate Canna Clinic’s needs and help the implement a blind drop and surveillance system that enabled Canna Clinic to better manage their employees and keep track of sales and inventory.

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Canna Clinic was so impressed with how Cafe Cartel was able to handle that situation they chose to implement our vape store point of sale systems in all four of their locations. Our systems make a great choice not only for Canna Clinic, but your vape shop as well because they are comprehensive and flexible to cover everything from inventory solutions to theft control.

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