We are a software company dedicated to providing the best point of sale solutions specific to your convenience store. We have a wide range of options such as software solutions, hardware solutions, service packages and so much more! Our systems are comprehensive and flexible to cover everything from inventory solutions to theft control.

Cafe Cartel has been providing software for over ten years and has done convenience store installations all over the world. We have the industry experience in taxes, surveillance and employee management that you have been looking for in a POS company.

Our c-store software is specifically designed tomake your convenience store easier to operate.  We have prepared a list of what answers cover most of our customer's requests. We also provide training, videos, support information and testimonials to help answer all your questions. We encourage you to look below for an overview of what we do.

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What features do I need in a Convince Store Point of Sale?

  • Age verification for Drivers licenses is Included.
  • Yes we have Vendor Re-Order Lists
  • Yes we have Inventory and Reconciliation
  • Of course we have Split case pricing & Inventory Updating
  • Yes we can import your existing inventory.
  • Yes our POS prints barcodes for items and shelf labels.
  • Yes we have Lottery Reports for Sales & Pay Out Reimbursement
  • We have over 70 Reports for Sales & Analysis
  • We make it easy to Manage Inventory.
  • We have location tracking of items
  • We have multi-location inventory
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