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What to ask when installing POS for a New Liquor Store - Terre Rouge Reviews

terre rouge

What about Terre Rouge?

Established in 2015, Terre Rouge sells fine wines and spirits to the surrounding Choctaw area in Oklahoma. Before opening, Terre Rouge was seeking a simple Point of Sale System that would help manage sales, inventory and process with credit cards. While this initially sounds simple and straightforward, all things matter in the details. Upon beginning research it became increasing clear that more detailed issues needed to be addressed.

Having a variety of ways to re-order product is a vital necessity for a business

Included in this was the POS system’s ability to do purchase orders. Liquor stores start out with thousands of items in inventory and continuously add more to their store overtime. To ensure that their vendors aren’t selling products that they don’t sell, and that they’re stocking enough items that do sell, the idea of how liquor stores do their inventory and perform purchase orders becomes essential. The ease of doing this is key. This means having a system that can provide this in a simple way that helps liquor stores such as Terre Rouge, make informed decisions while focusing on a specific purpose.

Purchase Order Play List

Here we've made a listing of purchase order videos that give you an idea of the scope of the variety of purchase order options, from Trend Review, Remote Ordering, Ordering from the POS Terminal and Ordering from the Back office.

View Our Purchase order Play List

Using Data collectors to ensure inventory, as well as re-order Inventory

Inventory then is very important to determining accurate sales, loss prevention, adjustment for damage and overall valuation of the current inventory. It can also be a very simple way to generate purchase orders. When researching CCS POS, Terre Rouge discovered this. Using a remote scanner, the current inventory can be recorded, and uploaded. This ensures that the inventory is the same place physically as it is in the Point of Sale inventory system. Then using the barcode scanner, an item list is generated to determine what items need to be ordered. Essentially this system allows a kind of visual ordering. Sometimes this is helpful when trying to accomplish a visual order given certain circumstances. In some cases this is a more "comfortable way” to perform an order. It’s more natural for some users who are transitioning to a Point of Sale System.

"When you’re using a POS system for the first time, you want to be comfortable with it; so the process of scanning items along the shelves and inputting their re-order amount can be very comforting. Next, the ability to import that information into the POS is very powerful."

Terre Rouge also looked for a POS company that provided a variety of merchant processors with quality rates. Finding a competitive processor that could integrate with a POS of their choosing was essential. Integrated credit card processing is also vital to ensuring mistakes aren't made and that charge-backs are disputed well. The idea of losing hundreds to someone who said they didn't purchase their products didn’t sit well with Terre Rouge, so proper EMV integration, PCI compliance was an absolute requirement for their POS. In addition to meeting their previously stated needs, Cafe Cartel met this one as well. You may see an example Processing Options

After researching these items they found important, then reviewing Cafe Cartel as well as other softwares like Quickbooks, Shopkeep and Clover, Terre Rouge Wine and Spirits concluded that Cafe Cartel was the best liquor store POS system on the market. To see how CCS POS can help your liquor store thrive please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote now.

Pink Mocha Hawaii - uses POS as strong as their Coffee

Pink Mocha Hawaii - uses POS as strong as their Coffee

pink mocha

In Kailua-Kona, HI, located on the “Big Island” is Pink Mocha Cafe. Since opening in 2013, Pink Mocha has been serving up tea, smoothies, pastries and specialty coffee drinks. A noteworthy menu item would be their Pitaya bowls and smoothies that customers never cease to swoon over! In fact, customers routinely will call their food and coffee order in advance and receive it right on time. With with free wifi and a delightful atmosphere, Pink Mocha also attracts guests like bees to honey!

Before opening their business, Pink Mocha diligently researched the best point of sale system for a coffee shop and cafe. Requiring features like cup-based inventory, drink modifications, employee management and loyalty programs, Cafe Cartel Systems was the only provider that accomplished this and more. CCS doesn’t limit it’s access to features based on price points, so Pink Mocha was able to utilize additional POS functions such as: printing cup labels, upsell features, QuickBooks integration, custom reporting and reconciling.

As time continues to move forward Pink Mocha’s POS system has remained steadfast and reliable every day for business. Cafe Cartel’s exceptional technical support team is there for their support even after the initial purchase. By understanding that technology is always changing, let’s use Pink Mocha as an example so we can see how this may apply to a point of sale system.

pink mocha

In October 2015 there was a liability shift from the merchant processing companies to the merchants (business owners) in order to implement new chip reader technology. From this date on, all fraudulent charges made on chip cards that weren't processed by chip readers (EMV readers) became the responsibility of the merchant. Essentially, if the merchant isn’t up-to-date on their POS hardware and software they will be liable for covering the fraudulent charges.

This put many business owners in a predicament. Merchants who were already open needed to make this change by the specified date, but if their POS provider didn’t complete the updates in time or do them at all, then they were still held responsible. Luckily for Pink Mocha, CCS was able to provide the necessary updates and equipment to ensure their compliance.

By taking all things into consideration such as price, features, ease of use, durability and maintenance; we can see that purchasing the best POS system is a critical one. To see what CCS POS can do for your coffee shop, please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today!

Photo Source: Yelp.com Photo Source: Pink Mocha Cafe Instagram

Chinese Point of Sale Installation - Sydney Australia. Mandarin / English Languages Quick Service

Chinese Point of Sale Installation - Sydney Australia. Mandarin / English Languages Quick Service

Located in Australian Sydney, the China Town district is Oden house, a restaurant with Japanese-inspired Taiwanese Cuisine. With a focus on quick service, they serve dishes you would be familiar with, bentos, oden and other snacks and dishes. Given the location and the nature of their business it really lends itself to high traffic volume.

Like many locations they had opened not knowing what sort of cash register or POS solution to use. And so they went with a locally accessible options which allowed them to collect payment and process sales. But the limitations were numerous.

A few of the items they grew to require:

  • Kitchen Print outs including Chinese (mandarin)/English
  • Menus with 2 languages
  • Multiple Prices that can be time based , like lunch pricing and dinner pricing

Not all of Oden House’s customers or staff can speak english, thus one of the features they required was a system that could print Mandarin characters on kitchen receipts and customer receipts alongside the english wording. Cafe Cartel Systems provides this feature not only for Mandarin but for Thai, Korean, Arabic, Indian, Greek, Russian and many more languages for POS printing.

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Additionally, they needed a POS system that could handle breakfast specials and lunch specials in an easy and intuitive way for their staff. Being more than just a simple cash register for restaurants, CCS allows them to price their dishes differently depending on the time of day. With CCS inventory control system they’re able to provide competitive prices while maintaining a high profit.

Utilizing the CCS inventory control features, reporting and employee time clock, Oden House was able to not just sell their food, but they were finally able to take the overview of their productivity. This data is a valuable tool that better helps them control the profit margins. To better protect their money, these features are only accessible if the employee has been granted permission.

Case Study: Emergency Room switches from Microsoft RMS to CCS POS

The Situation:

Emergency Room is a small but high volume convenience store located in Downtown San Diego. They are situated amongst many restaurants and clubs and receive quite a bit of traffic during conventions like COMIC CON. They were using Microsoft RMS. This POS software solution was provided through Microsoft channel providers as a solution for their retail space.For single store use it was fairly robust, but had some drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks was the limited ability for the resellers to have a direct influence on the growth of the application. (Updated info: At this point (2015 RMS Support is over. EMV is out and so anyone now using RMS won’t be able to support EMV).

Reasons for Emergency Room Changing:

The Emergency Room requested a switch prior to the end of RMS support. Their need for a change was based on the following considerations:

  • Required more Robust Mix and Match
  • Rewards Program for Customers
  • Required better Service Support from Vendor
  • Wanted more Rewards Programs
  • Wanted additional Purchase Order Options for better ordering.
  • Mix & Match:
  • They needed to be more flexible with their mix and match. As you know mix and match can apply in several results for discounts.
  • Discounts can be applied when items are added up in one order, say “buy 2 for 5 dollars” or “buy 3 for the price of 2.”, “Buy 2 get 1 dollar off”
  • There are also the accrual type of mix and match - buy 10 cups of coffee, get one free. They would use this style with cigarettes.

Loss of Revenue:

They were running into issues, because of the mix and matches with cigarettes during peak times, such as weekends. They didn’t want these options to be offered then. The reason being, this was when non-regulars would show up in the evenings. These people were usually coming or going to clubs and were willing to purchase at higher prices. Selling 20-30 packs per night at a $1.50 less than they could, was adding up to be quite a bit month after month.
A simple equation can represent the loss in sales they were experiencing:
20 X 1.50 * 3 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) * 4 (weeks) = $360.00 in additional sales per month.

Customer Loyalty:

One of the big things they ran into during normal hours was regulars who would compare prices of cigarettes. Cigarettes were really a way for them to bring in customers who buy other products, soft drinks, snacks etc. By being able to have a good VIP program that would work with the mix and match, they also wanted to make sure that the prices were properly reduced for regulars while still being able to appropriately provide mix and match pricing to all customers.

Vendor Support:

Because they were working with a third party company that didn’t have any influence over the software provider, the vendor was limited in supporting them. In addition they had some unsavory events happen. Additionally, RMS lacked in purchase order and ordering support. Emergency Room had some needs for reporting trending of ordering and cost analysis for their purchase orders that RMS did not support.


Emergency Room contacted CCS regarding their need for a POS. Emergency Room chose CCS for several reasons. Initially, we did not support all of the features they first required. So we added to our mix and match capabilities. We modified some of the Purchase Order Options. We had better Rewards solutions for them than the RMS Solution. Also, we simply could make changes to the solution where Microsoft's interest was in using their Brand to push the solution. Ultimately providing a “Brand” solution didn’t work as Microsoft has moved out of the POS Space.

You may see videos to some of our work here:

You may arrange for a demo by contacting us today: 866-973-8099



Easy Freezy - Self Serve Frozen Yogurt - Milford Michigan

Easy Freezy - Milford Michigan - Self Serve Frozen Yogurt uses CCS Point of Sale

In May of 2014 the frozen yogurt trend finally hit Milford Michigan with a bang, when Easy Freezy opened it’s doors. The shop offers its product in the traditional self-serve format. Initially starting with 15 flavors of frozen yogurt and over 30 toppings Easy Freezy has now expanded to offer 26 flavors (including seasonal options) of frozen yogurt, an additional 18 twist flavors, smoothies and shakes, frozen custard, gelato, soft serve ice cream, Italian ice, and roughly 50 different toppings.

Easy Freezy movetomilford.com

On the topic of frozen yogurt Easy Freezy owner Dan Cracana told the crowd, I was craving a frozen yogurt after first trying it while travelling on business and was surprised to learn that the closest shop was  in Novi, about 15 miles away from my White Lake home. I’m excited to bring the make-it-yourself frozen yogurt craze to my community,” at the grand opening.

Easy Freezy has a retro look and includes both indoor and outdoor seating. To compliment the retro look and feel of the location Easy Freezy enhances the customer experience with a variation on a retro photo-booth available for customers to use to commemorate their visit. Additionally Easy Freezy provides customers with Wi-Fi, music, TV, and even a coin operated horse ride for the kids.

Easy Freezy Shop


Easy Freezy looks to continue their expansion.

Much like with their flavor and menu options expansion is the name of the game at Easy Freezy as they have now expanded to three stores. When it comes to point of sale solutions however they made only one choice. The new third store is replacing an old Cherry Berry store. That wasn’t going to cut it for Easy Freezy though. They were so impressed with the job industry leader Cafe Cartel Systems did in their other two stores, they turned straight to CCS and their decade’s worth of frozen yogurt solutions once again. CCS installed POS-X units which used Avery Berkel Scales and they integrated Vantiv Credit Card Processing