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Magnolia Wellness Ncenter - Bay Area Oakland California - Dispensary

Magnolia Wellness Ncenter - Bay Area Oakland California - Dispensary

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Magnolia Oakland is a medical marijuana dispensary located in The Bay Area. Established in 2009, Magnolia has been proudly serving high quality medications to their patients. Some members of Magnolia’s leadership team are comprised of nationally recognized authors, activists and professors; including Ed Rosenthal and Debby Goldsberry, to name a few. From their industry pioneers to their budtenders, Magnolia Oakland is committed to providing the best possible care to their patients.

Magnolia Oakland Promotes Health in Local Community by Offering Free Services

Dedicated to promoting wellness and health in their community, they also offer their patients free massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic services. They even host senior wellness support groups and caregiver support groups so that people can connect with each other and learn healing techniques. From supporting veterans to the homeless, Magnolia provides food donations to the needy. Applications for food supplementation can be submitted daily. Additionally, they offer a Compassion Program which provides medicine at no cost to to those who have HIV, Crohn's Disease, Cancer and qualify for the program.

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/magnolia-wellness-oakland?select=gHk47tmaFLqkC3qwd0sysA

Handling Specials, Happy Hour, Discounts & Loyalty Programs with Their POS

No matter what day of the week you go, Magnolia offers competitive specials that switch with each passing day and the time of the day. They also have special pricing for new patients, referrals, birthdays and more. And on top of that they offer loyalty programs to their patients. From a customer's perspective it's great. But from a Point of Sale perspective it can be a little daunting trying to find a POS solution able to handle the changing tides in an organized fashion. This is one of the many reasons Magnolia chose Cafe Cartel Systems as their POS provider. CCS effortlessly organizes specials, happy hour pricing, combo discounts and a loyalty program in an intuitive way.

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/magnolia-wellness-oakland?select=KWIsumpnh9n9iV42ziJbdg

From POS Hardware to Software, Getting More Than Just The Basics

Over the years Magnolia Oakland has continued to use CCS POS and adds new licenses routinely as they expand. From metrics to limits, their integrated scales are state and NTEP approved. They use the Indica Altera 3400S, which is the easiest solution to install, setup and maintain. Their software is equally as reliable as their hardware. CCS is data encrypted and comes with features such as grow tracking, age/patient verification, blind drop functions and a powerful marijuana inventory control system. Standard POS features such as employee time clock, reporting, reconciling and labor control are also included. To see how CCS can provide a solution to meet your needs call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

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Marijuana Paradise - Dispensary Portland Oregon

Marijuana Paradise - Dispensary Portland Oregon

Located in Portland, Oregon is Marijuana Paradise; a tropical-themed medical and recreational dispensary. Marijuana Paradise and their staff excels at providing quality products to their patients and clientele. Their friendly and upbeat environment is increased everyday as they offer a daily trivia question. Those who can answer the question correctly receives 10% off of their order. Customers can enjoy this island vibe everyday as they are open 7 days a week. It’s no wonder why they call this dispensary Paradise!

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Searching for a Competitive POS System to Handle Their Operations

In early 2015, Marijuana Paradise was a new dispensary on the block. They had to do diligent research on their operations to ensure that they could both meet Oregon’s regulations, and compete with the local dispensaries. A solid Point of Sale solution is a key way to address both of these concerns. They requested multiple quotes from different POS companies so that they could compare multiple solutions to each other and gain a better understanding of POS in general.

Marijuana Paradise visits Club Sky High for Software Reference

During this time they went to Club Sky High, an established dispensary, to see the POS they were using. Club Sky High recommended CCS POS to Marijuana Paradise as they had been using it for years. The combination of Cafe Cartel’s proven efficiency and affordability moved them to the top of their list. Cafe Cartel’s blind drop functions and management oversight minimizes employee theft and maximizes profitability. With features such as grow tracking, age verification, data encryption and a powerful inventory system, it was clear that CCS was the best point of sale system for dispensaries.

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Obtaining a State Approved Point of Sale System

When Marijuana Paradise ordered from CCS they also gained access to standard POS features such as employee time clock, reporting, reconciling and loyalty programs. This solution perfected their operations. Their integrated scales were NTEP and state approved. By utilizing powerful CCS POS software in combination with their reliable hardware setup, Marijuana Paradise has met all of their initial goals and more. To review your priorities with an industry consultant, please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

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The Magic Dragon - EVape Store

The Magic Dragon - EVape Store

Located in Glenwood Springs, CO is The Magic Dragon. They are a fusion vape and leather biker gear shop. By being situated in Glenwood Springs Mall, loads of shoppers flood the store daily to buy organic e-juices, kits, accessories and colorado glass pipes. This is the bikers one-stop shop as they provide leather jackets, vests and chaps for those who love to ride!

Knowing what to look for

Though The Magic Dragon is a retail store, they’re vape as well - which means their inventory system required something more sophisticated. Inventory should be managed directly via the POS system so it was important for them to find a solution that could accommodate their needs. Many POS providers label their systems as “vape” but further research is needed to determine whether or not the system has modules designed for the vape stores needs besides just the standard retail functions.

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Finding a POS as magic as they are

When The Magic Dragon discovered Cafe Cartel, they found a provider who revamped their software to meet the industry's needs. This meant their software could filter their buttons from liquids to brands, to flavors, then by size and strengths. This user-friendly and tidy setup requires minimal data entry and can easily manage huge lists of e-juices on the backend. CCS also handles complex kit and combo pricing in an intuitive way for the user. This makes CCS the business owner’s choice for vendor re-ordering, reporting and reconciling! The choice was easy to make for The Magic Dragon. Within no time, they had their staff trained and their system up and running. Additional features they gained access to were employee time clock, labor scheduling, age verification and QuickBooks integration.

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Amaru Confections - Bakery in Boise Idaho chooses CCS

Amaru Confections - Bakery in Boise Idaho chooses CCS

Amaru Confections is a premier custom cake and dessert shop located in Boise, Idaho. Certified chef, Aimee received her formal training from the Culinary Arts Institute in Denver, Colorado and from the top chocolatiers in France; at the Lenotre’ Institute, just outside of Paris. In 2000 she opened Amaru Confections in order to create edible works of art for special occasions including weddings, birthdays, baby showers and corporate events.

As they continued to grow, they opened a custom cake shop, retail bakery and gluten free bakery in 2013. One of their many vendors include Whole Foods Market and other local coffee shops and restaurants. The bakery offers freshly baked cupcakes, cakes and cookies. They pride themselves on using non-GMO ingredients from local vendors as much as possible - including free range eggs and unbleached flour. Because of their custom cakes, Amaru Confections has earned their place in the top 5% of Wedding Professionals Nationwide by Wedding Wire and Bride’s Choice Awards.

Top Nationwide Wedding Bakery Discovers POS with Custom Cake Building

In 2016, Amaru needed a more proficient Point of Sale system that could handle their custom cake building operations. This proved to be a difficult task since many POS companies don’t provide this option. However, when they discovered Cafe Cartel they found exactly what they needed. CCS comes complete with a custom cake building feature that can price out cake’s tiers from 6" to 18" round and square, and in 2" increments. Next fillings, frostings and decorations can be added to the order. The following video demonstrates this in action:

Scheduling Orders, House Accounts & Catering For Bakeries

CCS also includes catering, house accounts and scheduling as well. Take Production as an example: for bakers using CCS, they start their day with an interactive report that lists the items needing to be made that day and what orders the items belong to. In the report summary, employees can see the items that need to be prepped, the orders that need to be readied and the current inventory count. Items without enough stock will appear in red. This summary dictates to the staff what needs to be completed and by what time in a clear and efficient way. Once the order is readied, a time stamp will be applied and a label can be printed for the prepared product as well. Upon completion of the order, the summary will be updated and the order will be ready for pickup/payment at any time.

Example Invoice of Bakery

Getting The Best POS Features For Your Bakery

Additionally, CCS includes features like recipe based inventory, labor scheduling, employee time clock, reconciling and reporting. Cafe Cartel has been helping bakeries succeed since 2004. To review your desired features with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

Amaru cake

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/Amaruconfections/photos/a.290687858982.143142.97702103982/10153454736758983/?type=3&theater

Amaru cake

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/amaru-confections-boise?select=wBTPTJ_3Z5VDzxzIoxTrgw

Amaru cake

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/amaru-confections-boise?select=4u7J9PwsGt1y0OJABB2S6g

Vancouver Bakery Converts to Point of Sale - Improves Scheduling and Customer Retention and Rewards

Vancouver Bakery Converts to Point of Sale - Improves Scheduling and Customer Retention and Rewards

Transylvanian Traditions Bakery is one of Vancouver's premier desserts spots. Famous for their Kürtöskalács, the bakery is one of the only places in Canada where you can buy this authentic “Chimney Cake”. Though traditional from it’s inception, the bakery has slightly modified it’s recipes to include only fresh ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives; making this a hotspot for foodies.

Since opening in 2008 Transylvanian Traditions popularity has continued to grow. And with growth, comes growing pains. The need to implement a more uniform solution became ever-increasing so the bakery set out to find the best bakery point of sale system they could find.

Deciding on How to Grow the Bakery Business

After thorough research, Transylvanian Traditions found a POS solution that not only provided their top two desired features but included many more at no additional cost. Cafe Cartel Systems, a leading POS provider did just the trick. With over 14 years of experience, they include employee functions such as payroll and time clock, as well as recipe based inventory control and custom cake building. Even though Transylvania Traditions is located in Canada, CCS provides Free Shipping to the US and Canada which saved them money on heavy shipping charges.

Bringing cuisine from the small historical region of Romania to North America was once a dream for the bakery. But due to their diligence and making well-informed decisions, Transylvania Traditions has been thriving for the past eight years. See how CCS can help you succeed too by requesting a quote or by calling 866-973-8099.

Understanding the Business Process - Seasonal Scheduling - Bakery Pricing - Customer Tracking

With large orders coming in routinely, Transylvanian Traditions set their eye on two key POS features. Firstly, they needed to be able to schedule orders in their system. Whether it be holidays, corporate events or birthdays, they required a system that could report on the total baked goods they had to prepare for that day. For example: they have multiple scheduled orders due on the same day. Mike ordered 1 dozen chocolate eclairs and John ordered 2 dozen chocolate eclairs. Though they are able to see each order individually, they needed a report for everything that had to be prepared for that day; which totals 3 dozen chocolate eclairs.

Secondly, they required Customer Tracking so that they could not only see repeat customer’s order history but bill them periodically. With bakeries often providing their goods to coffee shops or cafes, Customer Tracking allows bakeries to bill their clients in set intervals. For example, every two weeks or every month.