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Han Dynasty - Chinese Restaurant in New York Chooses CCS POS

Han Dynasty - Chines Restaurant in New York Chooses CCS POS

Han Dynasty is a Chinese restaurant that specializes in Szechuan style Chinese cuisine and has locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Han Dynasty prides itself on serving not only the finest, but the most authentic Szechuan style Chinese cuisine on the East coast. Spice is the name of their game and their goal is to satisfy their customers with thoughtfully prepared dishes paired with our unique spice levels. So whether it be the broad range of spice levels, friendly atmosphere, or exuberant service staff, we guarantee that you'll be coming back for more. Along with fine cuisine they feature a full service bar that features a great selection of craft beers, fine wine, spirits, and signature cocktails. For many reasons point of sale service’s aren’t always a piece of cake for authentic chinese restaurants like Han Dynasty; which is why when Han Chiang, owner of the vast Han Dynasty restaurant empire, needed to update the point of sale service in his restaurants he turned to CCS POS.

RR HanDynasty 013014 Source: South Philly Review

What CCS cDoes for Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Restaurants come in many shapes and sizes. They can have different services depending on their business model such as fast food, take-out and delivery, or gourmet cuisine. There are also many types of Chinese food such as Szechuan, Cantonese, and Hunan, among others. CCS Chinese Restaurant POS solution caters to your restaurant no matter the size of your menu or if you need it in a different language.  We've put the pieces together to create a comprehensive delivery and restaurant management program. Chinese Menus in Point of Sale

What made CCS a good fit for the Chinese Restaurant

  • Language Control - toggling Languages - up to 3 languages per menu
  • Scheduled Printing - take down a phone order, schedule it to print later
  • Customer Tracking
  • Freedom of credit card processor integration
  • Offline Credit Card Processing - internet down? Don't Worry.
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T Penguin Frozen Yogurt: A Prime Example of CCS Multi-Language Support

T Penguin Frozen Yogurt: A Prime Example of CCS’ Multi-Language Support

Providing solutions internationally is not an issue for CCS. With many international clients is perfectly positioned to help you with multi-language support for your point of sale system.

TPENGUIN Frozen Yogurt based in Saudi Arabia is ideally positioned to take advantage of this feature. Located in the Al Wahah District of Saudi Arabia TPENGUIN that strives to provide it’s customers with the funnest frozen yogurt possible. Much of the fun is focused around the three smile maker penguins who are there for guests and their families to meet, take pictures with, and just show all customers a genuine hospitality to make your frozen yogurt experience a fun and happy one. In addition to creating a fun family atmosphere with mascots TPENGUIN 10 delicious flavors of frozen yogurt that are changed on a regular basis and a buffet of over 40 toppings to choose from including fresh fruit, chocolate, sweets, and sauces. With TPENGUIN you’ll definitely be getting a mix of taste and fun with every visit. You can follow TPENGUIN on Twitter or Instagram POS Multi Language Support TPENGUIN

Source: https://twitter.com/TPenguin_sa/status/523417697472634883

CCS makes it simple to toggle between languages on your menu with an easily accessible alt language button built right in to the POS software and supports languages such as: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, and Russian, among others. Ordered items will be displayed with both the English name and the name of the alternate language you select, all while supporting up to three languages at the same time. CCS really does make setting up multiple languages in your POS software a breeze.

Arabic Multi Language Options

Tutti Frutti: Abuja Nigeria - 2013 Installation of CCS POS

Tutti Frutti: Abuja Nigeria - 2013 Installation of CCS POS

Frozen yogurt and Africa is not a combination that would jump to the forefront of anyone’s mind when either of the two are brought up in conversation. Tutti Frutti, the world’s largest and most well known frozen yogurt brand with chains in over 30 countries on 6 continents, is working to change that however.

On August 17th, 2013 Tutti Frutti opened their first frozen yogurt store in all of Africa in Abuja Nigeria. Fast forward two years to January 17th. 2015 and Tutti Frutti had so much success with the first franchise that they opened a second store in Abuja and a third franchise is coming to Ibadan soon.

Nigeria Tutti Frutti

Source: facebook.com

These two locations succeeded in bringing Tutti Frutti’s signature flavors, toppings, colors, variety, and atmosphere to a brand new demographic in startling fashion. So much so even Miss Nigeria 2013 is fan of the healthy dessert option.

Tutti Frutti Nigeria Miss Nigeria


source facebook.com

In fact other people have national prominence such as the High Commissioner of Pakistan to Nigeria Muhammad Ashraf Saleem, have stopped by to sample some of Tutti Frutti’s flavorful creations.

After all Tutti Frutti’s yogurt is Live Culture Certified and by allowing their customers the option to mix yogurt flavors in addition to the wide array of toppings it’s no wonder the people in Nigeria have fallen in love with Tutti Frutti as much as the rest of the world.

Nigeria Tutti Frutti Toppings


Tutti Frutti Nigeria second opening

Source: Facebook.com

Unfamiliar Territory - Where to open you business

Tutti Frutti has done everything right when it comes to expanding into unfamiliar territory and any restaurant looking to expand should be sure to follow their lead.

Canna Clinic Adopts Santa Cruz uses Cafe Cartel’s POS System

Canna Clinic Adopts uses Cafe Cartel’s POS System

Canna Clinic is a local medical marijuana dispensary located in the heart of Vancouver in British Columbia Canada. Canna Clinic offers qualified members a dispensary where they can receive safe, easy, and quick access to cannabis medicine, while also being educated on the therapeutic effects of marijuana.

To achieve that goal Canna Clinic employs an in-house scientist with membership to the International Cannabinoid Research Society and the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids. This science based approach ensures Canna Clinic provides the best possible care and education for their members; while simultaneously ensuring their access to superior quality therapeutic cannabis that is best suited to each member’s specific condition.

Since 2011 Canna Clinic has expanded from one location to four full service dispensaries and with this expansion came the need for point of sale solutions. One of the issues that plagued Canna Clinic was an unbalanced cash register. At the end of a shift, a cash drawer that is under speaks for itself. There was a counting error, or there may have been a case of employee theft. However, consistent overages in the cash drawer is also cause for concern.

The cause could be that one of your budtenders is failing to ring up purchases and pocketing the cash at the end of the day.

Cafe Cartel was then able to evaluate Canna Clinic’s needs and help the implement a blind drop and surveillance system that enabled Canna Clinic to better manage their employees and keep track of sales and inventory.

Canna Clinic Tablet CCS Blog

Canna Clinic was so impressed with how Cafe Cartel was able to handle that situation they chose to implement our vape store point of sale systems in all four of their locations. Our systems make a great choice not only for Canna Clinic, but your vape shop as well because they are comprehensive and flexible to cover everything from inventory solutions to theft control.

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GreenForce Juice and Smoothie Bar Chooses CCS Tablet Point of Sale

GREENFORCE JUICE, an all organic juice and smoothie bar in the heart of Manhattan

Opened their doors to adoring fans, and with good reason. Along with typical fresh-pressed juices, wholesome smoothies, and quick shots of wheatgrass, GREENFORCE offers vegan meals for their community including; warm soups, organic snacks and true to brazilian tradition, açaí bowls (which have been rigorously taste tested and wholeheartedly approved by one of our Cafe Cartel sales consultants.

greenforce point of sale

Rugged Point of Sale Tablet

GREENFORCE was looking for a pos system with space economy, that also matched their clean aesthetic. The easy choice for them was Cafe Cartel’s Altera 3600.

Alter 3600 Tablet POS

Altera 3600 with Customer Display and barcode scanner

Cafe Cartel Juice Bar POS Solutions

With the Altera 3600 for juice bars GREENFORCE doesn’t have to sacrifice features for looks. One of the most beneficial parts of Cafe Cartel’s software is it’s flexibility. Since Greenforce has both retail items for sale and food-service they get both order interfaces all-in-one. The benefit of having one inventory database to track everything, is it’s simple re-ordering inventory feature, with the PO helper you can just select the items you want on the system and it creates a list for you.

They also get the full benefit of full-circle customer relationship management, so they can collect and track customer order trends to better cater their services and menu to their diverse customer base.

Features that helped them run their Juice & Health Bar

  • Friendly & Easy to Use POS Terminal & Administration
  • Easiest! Menu & Modifier Setup
  • Fast, Reliable & Secure With SQL Server
  • Portion Control for Inventory
  • Labor Control for Employees
  • Time Keeping Control | All Versions
  • Recipe Based Inventory
  • Whole Item Inventory
  • Easy to add terminals.
  • Includes Remote Access
  • Event Scheduling
  • Multi Location Scheduling for Large Orders
  • Over 70 Reports + Custom Reporting.