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Donut LUV - Bend Oregon - Uses CCS for their POS

Donut LUV - Bend Oregon - Uses CCS for their POS

Late last month Luv's Donuts opened it's doors just in time for the holidays. It celebrated their grand opening by handing out FREE donut samples at the traditional Bend, Oregon's Christmas Tree Lighting Celebration. Luv's is located in Downtown Bend and churns out lovingly made fluffy donuts.

A week before opening, Luv's Donuts was looking for a reliable POS system with simple and easy installation to be ready in time to open. Owner and Founder, Travis Wren contacted Cafe Cartel and within a week not only had the system been delivered but it was completely set-up and ready to take on that grand opening rush. With the time crunch, Cafe Cartel CEO Mark Phillips personally walked Wren through set-up and installation.

What in CCS that Was so well designed for Dont Luv

With CCS Luv's Donuts not only can run transactions but can now operate their doughnut shop easily with the shop management features built into the system. This includes inventory management, labor control for employees and custom reporting. For a new business owner, having these tools are the most important in getting your business organized. Also, the software helps you to grow your business as you expand. With integrated loyalty, and CRM software you're given the tools for growth with stronger customer retention and marketing campaigns.

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With Cafe Cartel and those amazing donuts Luv's Donuts is off to a strong start!

Changing from Cash Register to POS for my Consignment Shop

Changing from Cash Register to POS for my Consignment Shop

I have been running my antique consignment shop for almost 10 years now. For the most part we have been running on paper with a cash register that take care of customer transactions and a receipt book to tracking all items that come in from our consignees. Between these two methods and my sister in law that would come in once a month to do my accounting and reconciliation I was very comfortable with how I ran my business.

That was up until about 4 months ago when we decided to finally move to a bigger location. We saw an opportunity to do more furniture consignment and advertising through different online venues such as craigslist.

So my husband and I found a great space just one block off of our town's main street. We were very pleased as we knew we would get additional foot traffic. The move went smoothly for all of our items. But I couldn’t say the same for all of my important paper work. This really threw me for a loop and caused immeasurable backtracking. My son happened to be in town for a weekend and helped me out a lot. He was happy to help, but not happy about the amount of stress this little snafu caused me.

He went online and found a point of sale software company that had experience with consignment stores called Cafe Cartel. I was not excited about the idea, as I am not that computer savvy, but considering what my son went through for me on his vacation I knew I at least owed him an open mind.

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Alex's Discount Liquors Expands Their Liquor Store when using CCS

Alex's Discount Liquors Expands Their Liquor Store when using CCS

Alex’s Discount Liquor is located in Brooklyn NY and have been booming with business. They are known for their quality selection, great customer service and amazingly low prices. Some folks may have seen the for rent sign back in September and got worried their favorite place to buy booze was leaving the neighborhood. But, to the contrary they are just moving to a bigger location down the street.

img src="http://www.orble.com/im/008/04/alexs-discount-liquor-liquor-store-pos-point-of-sa.jpg">

They are growing so fast they have had to move into the old Dolphin Gym location, an estimated 7000 sq ft facility. They have had to add 3 more check out terminals to the 2 they already have putting them at 5 terminals. lex’s Discount Liquor uses Cafe Cartel Systems for all of their point of sale software needs. This solution allows them to expand and add on terminals with ease. Alex’s Discount Liquor is very happy with the customer service and support they receive from the Cafe Cartel team. They especially enjoy the many Integrations


* Include a 10,000 item System Database
* Keep track of Inventory and Stock
* Efficiently keep records of Sales and Purchases.
* Include a Barcode and Label Printer
* Lottery Reports for Sales and Pay-Out Reimbursement
* Age Verification via Driver’s License swipe
* 70 different kinds of Sales Reports
* A 6000 recipe search tool for drinks
* Import existing inventory from old systems

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Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort chooses CSCPOS - Tablet Solution & Restaurant Dining

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort chooses CSCPOS - Tablet Solution & Restaurant Dining

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort located in beautiful and tropic Panama City, Florida dubbed “The Fun Place” boasts an extensive list of activities and diversions for the entire family to enjoy all year around. This list ranges from; indoor/outdoor pools, mini golf, beach games, jet ski rentals, a beachside deli and the newly added and only ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet shop of it’s kind in Panama City Beach.

A complete Implementation into the Resort

Initially CCS Provided to a single location. The frozen yogurt shop at Sandipiper. Then Sandpiper Beacon’s beach side deli. And then the implemented the solution at the Pizza/Oyster Bar.

Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario Canadian - 6 Reasons to Choose CCS POS

Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario Canadian

Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario; a Canadian city known for its Arts, Music and Theatre. The restaurant was opened by chief chef Nancy Sanawong of Angels Thai in Toronto. She decided to open her second restaurant after being charmed by the city of Stratford and it’s people. Many guests swing by this downtown restaurant before hitting the theatre and it’s no surprise based on their rave reviews that Trip Advisor awarded Stratford Thai a Certificate of Excellence.

How Stratford Chose to Migrate from their Existing Point of sale to Cafe Cartel

Because of Stratford’s previous POS experience at their other restaurant, they had a clearer vision and understanding of what to look for in a Point of Sale system. This sense of direction led them to Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS has been providing POS systems to the industry for over 12 years and had designed features around Stratford’s needs and their business model. So let’s take a look at this further.

Top 6 Features they needed in a Point of Sale for their Thai Restaurant

CCS has created a comprehensive
  1. track a several types of order types - for taxes and for sales. Restaurant Take out and Deliverty
  2. track takeout orders
  3. track employee costs
  4. Inventory and Receipe control
  5. Multi Language Support The most desired feature for their Thai restaurant clientele is their multi-language support.
  6. Use their own hardware

    CCS can control up to three languages per menu - as an example: English, Thai and Spanish. They also offer deluxe printable menu layouts, as well as kitchen display systems for the cooks. Stratford preferred using their own hardware and purchased CCS software. They have been successfully using it since 2013.

    Choosing a POS company that understands your needs

    Whether based in the US, Canada or other countries, CCS provides the best POS software for Thai restaurants. They never compromise on providing the best customer service and support for their product. To see how CCS can improve your restaurant management call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today!