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Ice Cream Point of Sale Solution for Northern California Ice Cream Shop

Tourist Town Business Upgrades from Cash Register to CCS Point of Sale

Tourist Shop

For over 25 years, Flavors Unlimited has been serving Guerneville, CA area. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, specialty drinks and ice cream. Whether it be sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, smoothies or ice cream themed desserts - Flavors Unlimited allows guests to enjoy their food in both indoor or outdoor seating. Located right on historic main street, frequent travellers stop by on their way to see the redwoods or perhaps go wine tasting. In November 2014, the business sold to a local family. At this time they decided to upgrade the cash register to a Point of Sale System. This is when they came to Cafe Cartel.

Flavors Unlimited Using Their CCS Food Menu Prompt Modifiers & Limits

It’s common place for diners to make adjustments to their order to suit their own preferences. CCS makes modifying these orders in the system intuitive and calculates accurate pricing adjustments. So when choosing a burger for example, modifiers will apear that can be added to the item. Let’s say bacon for $1 or avocado. Limits can also be set in the system so that only a certain amount of veggies or additions may be added. The administrator may set a specific category that must be selected to complete the order - like types of cheese, etc. Not only does this keep pricing accurate, but it also tracks inventory. On each item button, a count of stock levels will be on the bottom corner. This same modifiers feature can also be applied to things like smoothies, ice cream desserts and specialty coffee drinks.

Prep Area Kitchen Printer and Other POS Integrations

Additional peripherals may be added to CCS. These things include barcode scanners, label printers, coin dispensers, touch displays and much more. Flavors Unlimited elected to have a kitchen printer. Once a server places an order, the kitchen printer will print the details of the order in the prep area so that it may be prepared. Kitchen printers may be ordered either as thermal or as impact. Kitchen Display Systems, which include a mounted tablet, are also available as well. CCS integrations include loyalty/rewards programs, website integration, QuickBooks Integration, surveillance systems, WIC/EBT and chip card/NFC processing.

The Best All-In-One POS For Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee and Ice Cream Shops

Since 2004, Cafe Cartel has been designing POS systems for cafes and ice cream shops. With thousands of installations worldwide, CCS has helped businesses both large and small install a setup that meets their own unique needs. CCS comes complete with employee time clock, payroll, reporting, reconciling and much more. To see how Cafe Cartel can meet your needs, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

Coffee Shop in Brooklyn plan Expansion

Jilly’s Off the Corner in Brooklyn, NY Plans for Expansion

brooklyn coffee shop

Located in the southeast part of the borough of Brooklyn, known as Flatlands, is Jilly’s Off the Corner. This coffee shop and cafe provides the area with the best coffee, smoothies, paninis, sandwiches, gelato, bagels, pastries and yogurt muffins. Although they opened in 2015, in 2016 they had already planned for expansion to Brick Oven Pizza. Based on their ever-growing popularity, it’s no wonder why this charming coffee shop has thrived in such a competitive area.

From Cup Based Inventory, to Whole Item Inventory: Using Their CCS POS System

In 2015, Jilly’s opened their shop with their Cafe Cartel System ready-to-go. With their system, they can track both whole item inventory and cup based inventory for their drinks. By inputting their recipes into the recipe builder tool, they can list the items and the portions that go into making each drink. This includes the amount of milk, espresso, syrups, to-go cups, etc. This gives them the exact cost it takes to make the drink and tracks their inventory in real time as they perform sales throughout the day. Because of this advanced oversight, they are able to monitor their cost more closely and be alerted to when they need to replenish their supplies. The best part of these features is that they are as equally effective, as they are easy-to-use.

Day to Day Operations Using Cafe Cartel POS for Coffee Shops & Cafes

To paint a general picture of a typical Jilly’s day, we will review the cycle of the day using their POS. The first employee of the day starts the day by clocking in. Then they are taken to the morning balance sheet. From here they input the amount in the cash drawer. This is done by entering the number of each bills or coins instead of counting their total value. This minimizes human error and proves to be more accurate.

Once the morning balance sheet is completed, cashiers can begin an order. From the order screen there is a right sidebar with the menu categories (coffee, gelato, etc). By selecting a category they can then select the desired item and any modifiers for it. Payment may be accepted, customer receipt printed, prep area receipt printed and then the order will be closed. This will be continued until it’s time to close. Next, the cashier may end their shift by inputting the end of day balance sheet (same process as the morning) and closing the day. Once the day is closed, CCS automatically emails out daily reports to the managers/owners of the company. These reports can be viewed periodically throughout the day as well with those who have special permission to do so.


Getting The Style, Features and Prices You Want

Since 2004, CCS has had thousands of installations across the world. From every style, to every price point, Cafe Cartel has options to fit the needs of any business owner. CCS comes equipped with employee time clock, reporting, reconciling, purchase orders, printable menus and much more. Optional items include scanners, EMV/NFC/Chip readers, label and kitchen printers, integrated surveillance systems and website integration to name a few. To review your needs with a specialist, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today!

Unique Location Serves up Coffee in 1900's Era Movie Theatre

City Creamery Opens in Historic Early 1900’s Movie Theatre Building in Rome, GA

city creamer

Located in downtown Rome, Georgia is City Creamery. They serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes and have a full service coffee bar. There’s something for everyone as they even offer gluten free options, vegan ice cream and shakes. City Creamery operates out of the building that the historic Rivoli Theatre - the oldest movie theatre in Rome (two original movie chairs and poster adorns the shop). They also offer old time candies such as peppermint sticks, divinities, pecan logs and old-fashioned all day suckers. A small portion of the shop hosts a retail selections of coffee’s, t-shirts, car plates and other small souvenir type gifts. Did we mention they have free wifi?

Choosing Cafe Cartel for their Frozen Yogurt and Coffee Bar Point of Sale

city creamer

Before opening City Creamery, the owners had a previous frozen yogurt shop using CCS in 2015. So in 2016 they decided on using CCS again at their new City Creamery shop. City Creamery uses two terminals with integrated scales and 8” LCD customer displays. Since the scales are integrated, CCS reads the weight from the scale and calculates the price. It also includes taring the cup so that the customer isn’t being charged for the weight of the cup.

Barista’s at City Creamery can easily modify drinks within the POS, whether it be by milks, shots or syrups. Label printing for the cups are an optional feature. With CCS Item Builder feature, City Creamy can track their coffee bar’s inventory and associated costs. For example, City Creamery can enter a drink recipe into CCS that lists the ingredients of the item and their portions. Even the cups for the drink can be added to the recipe for added cost insight. All of these sales and their cost/profit margins are tracked in CCS and be accessed by using Cafe Cartel’s analytics features and 70+ reports. Their retail items can easily be uploaded via an excel document or manually entered. Tags, label or barcodes may also be printed for the gift items if so desired.

The Best POS System for Employee Tracking and Managerial Oversight

Cafe Cartel comes with complete managerial oversight which includes, special permissions, employee time clock, labor scheduling, remote login and multiple cash drawers. At the end of the day, reports are emailed to managers though they can remote in periodically to check sales if they are working off site. Security systems may be integrated with the POS so that the feed can be pulled up by order to insure there is no employee tampering going on. These are the reasons that many business owners choose Cafe Cartel, just like City Creamery. To review these things and more, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

Central California Frozen Yogurt Business Stays Strong With Gift Card Services

Premium Yogurt & Gelato Shop Provides the Best of Both American & Italian Desserts

ozzies frozen yogurt

Located in Santa Maria, California is Ozzie’s Premium Yogurt & Gelato. Ozzie’s is a family owned and operated business who prides themselves on providing over 18 frozen yogurt flavors and 19 gelato flavors. Their handmade gelato is an old family recipe, that includes only natural ingredients. Even their business name comes from their family - their pet parrot Ozzie. They also serve cake pops, boba tea, smoothies, coffee and frappes.

Choosing an All-in-One POS Solution with Integrated Scales & UPS Battery Backup

In early 2014, Ozzie’s spent months preparing for their grand opening. One of these tasks included finding a POS system. Since Ozzie’s had owned other previous businesses, they were more familiar with POS and it’s benefits than some first time owners are. They required a system with integrated scales and a UPS battery backup. This is when they found Cafe Cartel Systems - a leading provider in the frozen yogurt industry. With thousand of installations across the world, CCS provides NTEP approved, integrated scales and optional accessories including the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup. With various hardware options, Ozzies was able to choose the system that would best meet their needs.

Gift Card & Loyalty Programs Perfect for Frozen Yogurt & Gelato Shops

With CCS, Ozzie’s is able to issue and track gift cards for their store. They also have an advanced loyalty and rewards programs to offer their customers. This is especially important considering that the industry thrives off of creative promotions and repeat business. There is both “Buy X, Get X Free” and a loyalty points program. These programs can be assigned to magnetic cards or by email or phone numbers. CCS software tracks all of the purchases the customer makes and what they in turn, earn for their repeat business.

For example, points are accumulated for each purchase. Customer can see their accumulated points on the customer display and the cashiers can see them on the order terminal. Customers can choose when they want to apply their points to the order or reserve them for future credit. Once the receipt is issued, the total amount of points will be printed at the bottom for the customer’s reference. To review these features and more, call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today.

Dispensaries in Long Beach What Point of Sale do They Use?

Healing Tree Holistic Association Delivers in Long Beach, California

Long Beach dispensaryLocated in Long Beach, California is Healing Tree Holistic Association. This medical marijuana collective delivers in the local area and provides their patients with quality medication at great donations. Healing Tree is renowned for the compassionate care and timely service to their members. Established in 2011, they have continued to operate their collective successfully. From flowers, to concentrates and edibles, Healing Tree has everything to meet the needs of their patients.

In 2014, Healing Tree required a more sophisticated POS solution to operate within their regulations. They desired one that had intuitive delivery features and one where they could provide their own hardware. Essentially, they wanted to purchase software only and use it on their current computer system. While they were only a delivery service, they were hoping to open a storefront in the near future. So they needed a system that they could grow with and could handle a brick and mortar collective as well. This is when they came across Cafe Cartel Systems - a leading POS provider to the industry.

Processing Delivery Orders and Assigning Drivers using CCS POS for Collectives

For collectives using CCS, the patient will receive an email of the impending order information as well as the total and who is delivering the order. The driver will also be notified that they have a delivery they need to make. This email will include the patient’s information as well. From the POS terminal, associates can assign a driver to the order by selecting the “assign driver” button. From there they can select the delivery person. This will then send out the emails to both patient and driver so that they order can be completed.

From Delivery to Storefront, The Best Point of Sale for Collectives

Healing Tree Holistic Association was also pleased that CCS software can be purchased separately so that they could continue using their current computers. Cafe Cartel provides full solutions to collectives across the states and Canada - both delivery and storefront. With all three of their needs met, they ordered the software and were set up and trained after only a few appointments.

CCS also offers NTEP approved scales and meets the metrics and limits of each state. Additional features include inventory, reporting, data encryption, loyalty programs and grow tracking. This secure system is prevents tampering, exposing the system to hackers and locks down from raids. To review your collective’s needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.